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Best Company Secretary Course in Kerala

A Company Secretary (CS) of an organization holds a position of high responsibility. Company Secretaries occupy a senior position in a private or public sector company.

Company Secretaries have a significant role in modern companies dealing with the statutory activities of the business. A Company Secretary is responsible for keeping records, advising the board of directors, tax return of the company, and ensuring that the organization complies with the statutory and legal aspects.

The Company Secretary acts as a vital link for the company, shareholders, and board of directors to maintain efficient administration within the organization.

What do we offer?

VNK Academy provides the best company secretary course in Kerala with highly experienced trainers and experts.

The Company Secretary course is one of the most sought-after courses in the country. The course offers a professional certificate of 3 years of duration. The students face a division of three levels in training and examinations set by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).

The three levels are –

  1. Foundation Programme
  2. Executive Programme
  3. Professional Programme

With the best Company Secretary course in Kerala, our academy aims to prepare the students with the best training methods and help them take the role of skilled Company Secretaries who would top their respective fields.

Why Choose VNK Academy for Company Secretary Course in Kerala?

Our Company Secretary course has a design that considers all aspects of the domain. We care about our students profoundly and hence, designed the program to suit students of all backgrounds.

  • Affordable price : We offer the best company secretary course in Kerala, ensuring that our students get the best quality education while keeping the fees budget-friendly.
  • Regular classes : Our academy ensures the regularity and uniformity of classes and keeps the aspirant motivated throughout while encouraging their drive. The queries and confusions of the aspirant get addressed without any delay
  • Practice test : We conduct tests for practice to equip the students with better knowledge and skills. The meticulously designed tests also keep the confidence raised for the aspirants.
  • Stellar trainers and experts : Our proficient and diligent personnel are professionals with years of experience in their subjects. The students learn through the most advanced methods and receive the best training.

Providing the best Company Secretary course in Kerala, VNK Academy offers a regularly updated curriculum that is always in sync with the ICSI. Our training methods and classes get refreshed with every change in the exam pattern.

Future Opportunities for the Company Secretary Aspirants:

The best company secretary course in Kerala from VNK Academy prepares the student beyond exams. The aspiring students also receive training for various lucrative job sectors in the fields of :

  • Banking : Banks have a great desire for company secretaries in practice. Secretaries with just a few years of experience can still land a high paying job at a bank!
  • Corporate Sector : According to the law, companies with an authorized capital of five crores or more must employ a Company Secretary in the firm compulsorily. The sector requires professionals to advise them regarding the applicable laws.
  • Foreign Countries : CS professionals have a great scope in International countries as well. Organisations such as trade bodies, employers’ cooperatives, solicitor firms, accountancy firms, building organizations, and investment sectors require a Company Secretary.

The Company Secretary course has an extraordinary reputation and popularity due to its lucrative pay, making it a well-desired profession for students. It is highly desired within the country and abroad. 

VNK Academy provides the best company secretary course in Kerala, guiding the students’ hard work and dedication in the right direction. Get in touch with us now to achieve your ambition of becoming a Company Secretary!