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Best Test Series for UPSC Prelims

The Preliminary Examination or Prelims is your gateway to the Civil Service Examination. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has divided the Civil Services Examination (CSE) into three examinations – Prelims, Mains, and Personal Interview. The Preliminary Examination that is conducted every year is common for CSE as well as IFSE (Indian Forest Service Examination) and determines who moves forward to the Main, Civil Service Examination – known by the term Mains. At VNK Academy, we offer a comprehensive program, – the best test series for UPSC prelims to prepare you to counter the hurdles of Prelims.

While it is mandatory to crack this exam to progress further to the mains, the test is not as easy as it seems to be. Only plenty of hard work, systematic preparation, and consistency in excelling in the mock tests would take you one step ahead. The UPSC Prelims consists of two Objective-style papers (General Studies I and General Studies II or CSAT). Both papers are typically presented in two sessions on the same day via offline mode (pen-paper).

Find the Best Online Test Series for UPSC Prelims

The quest for an inexpensive, reliable, and best test series for UPSC prelims 2021 is finally over. The best experts in the sector are in charge of our Prelims Test Series 2021. Our Online Test Series covers important topics ranging from simple NCERT to advanced level, allowing candidates to study them easily.

Take tests and learn faster with complete syllabus coverage, current affairs of the past two years, UPSC Simulator tests, All-India ranking, etc. 

Why are VNK Academy’s Test Series for UPSC Prelims?

The best online test series for UPSC prelims at VNK Academy raises the candidate’s knowledge and confidence and also assists in identifying paper patterns. It also helps in improving prelims ratings

and in the development of a basic understanding of each topic. The applicant becomes familiar with the IAS Prelims Aptitude Test pattern.


  • 30 Tests, including sectional and full-length tests
  • Question papers and answer keys crafted by experts
  • Tests exclusively based on Current Affairs, Economic Survey, and India Year Book
  • Class Discussions led by subject experts
  • Availability of online tests
  • Provision of Prelims Round-Up

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We live in a digital world where comfort and ease of access from home are very important. Hence, we at VNK Academy, provide best test series for UPSC prelims that reduce travel time, cost, and energy which the students can invest in their studies and prepare better for these competitive exams.

Some benefits of an online mock test series include; good and continuous practice, real-examination feel, progress tracking, saves paper, improves speed, and teaches time management.

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