GS + CSAT Prelims – Cum-Mains Programme


GS + CSAT Prelims – Cum-Mains Programme

Our detailed program Prelims-cum-Mains is primarily designed to help students structure their career path with ease. The program is briefly introduced to help mold each student to learn how to overcome various challenges and further motivate themselves to crack their competitive exams. 

Competitive exams, as we all know, are crucial yet intimidating examinations that hold a valuable significance in a student’s life. Thus, preparing well is the only option to have a real chance at establishing a successful career path for yourself. 

VNK Academy’s Prelims-cum-Mains program caters to one prime objective- helping students ace their UPSC Civil Service Examination. Get premium access to essential advice given by some of our talented professionals so that you can prepare well for your examinations. 

Make use of the best GS + CSAT Prelims – Cum-Mains Programme while preparing for your examination. Further, we offer some of the most knowledgeable and insightful study material to our students so that they don’t miss out on essential concepts that may appear in the exam. With relevant study material and a seamlessly functioning faculty, we are here to help you attain optimal success.

GS + CSAT Prelims – Cum-Mains Programme at VNK Academy

The Union Public Service Commission or the UPSC has categorized the Civil Service Examination, also known as CSE, into three sections- Prelims, Mains, and Personal interview. These three elements play a crucial role in deciding your overall entrance examination scores. 

The preliminary examination is conducted every year. This exam further analyses the students who are eligible to write the mains exam. Thus, our mentors are dedicated to helping students learn how to ace their prelims as well as Mains. 

The CSE syllabus entirely includes concepts that students have learned in school. While the syllabus may seem simple, the exam paper is often challenging to crack. This is because students aren’t familiar with the paper pattern and expected answers. 

At VNK Academy, we give you the chance to learn in-depth about each and every subject so that you are well aware of the type of questions that might appear in your examination. Our Prelims-cum-Mains program is deliberately designed and aided with the best GS + CSAT Prelims – Cum-Mains Programme to help students understand every aspect of the UPSC exam. 

How do we help you?

First, our mentors give students deep insights into every chapter that your syllabus includes. We then offer you some of the most essential and reliable study materials and reference books that you can use to prepare for your exam. 

We provide UPSC prelims and mains test series for the sole purpose of helping you accomplish your goals. With a holistic approach, our program aims at preparing you well for the Prelims, Mains, and even the interview. Students can learn how to crack each element of the UPSC exam effortlessly. Our professors prepare candidates for all stages of the Civil Service Examination. 

Why should you Choose Us?

  • Soft skills: Our program is also designed to help students boost their soft skills. We help students boost their confidence to crack their interviews and other challenging aspects of the UPSC exam. 
  • Strong foundation: We further help structure your career’s foundation so that you can make informed academic choices for yourself. 
  • Facility: Our impressive infrastructure, passionate faculty staff, and enhanced technologies are worth taking a second glance at. 
  • Smart learning: We have designed an interactive learning path for each of our students to fall in love with their academic journey while making only the most beneficial decisions for themselves. 

Make use of an agile approach to transform your educational journey with ease.