Prelims Exclusive ( Online Mode )

Preparing for any examination is not an easy task. It requires a lot of dedication and determination to pass an examination with flying colours. Competitive exams for CSE, IAS, UPSC, etc., are not a piece of cake and take a lot of practice and patience. Having someone to guide you, helps immensely during these times. At VNK IAS Academy, we take pride in being called one of the best coaching institutes for all these competitive examinations.

With our Prelims Exclusive program, you will be trained according to the paper pattern, syllabus, marking system and taught tricks to solve all the questions effectively. The sessions will be conducted online, with the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty guiding you, making it convenient and also save time. 

Provisions of Prelims Exclusive

The program consists of classes, strategy sessions, and tests on each and every subject. With time management at the core of these classes, it will help you prepare systematically. Classes will be conducted to teach you various techniques and strategies to adapt to ace the prelims and mains of IAS, UPSC, CSE examination. 

Additionally, we provide our students with mock tests and exclusive test series based on Government schemes/policies, current affairs, economic surveys, etc. We believe in targeting all the subjects with equal efforts to ensure nothing is missed. 

Our prelims exclusive program is extremely helpful for every student appearing for competitive examinations, as students benefit from mentorship programs and personalised feedback throughout their journey with us.

Why VNK Academy is the best choice for Prelims Exclusive?

At VNK Academy, the prelims exclusive program is curated meticulously, covering all the subjects and additional examination aspects. It helps inculcate confidence in the candidate and results in a higher rating in actual prelims. 

The candidate becomes familiar with the IAS prelims’ pattern and uses the tips and tricks taught to secure as many marks as possible. The students are provided with expert-crafted test series that come with the answer key, helping students identify their mistakes and improve them. Candidates can attend online class discussions led by subject experts and gain in-depth knowledge of the subject. They can also have their doubts cleared at any time.

VNK Academy is the best coaching for the prelims exclusive program as we provide excellent test series, systematic notes, and complete study material online with individual attention to each student. Join VNK Academy today to avail its benefits and crack your competitive examination brilliantly! 

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