Selecting an optional subject for the main exam is crucial in UPSC. The right optional choice will help you achieve success since it contributes 500 points to the total.

Choosing an optional subject generally involves looking into the following:

  • How difficult it is to study
  • Whether you like it or not
  • The high-scoring potential of the subject
  • Syllabus Length
  • Will it get you a very low score?
  • When compared to other optional subjects, how does it measure up?

Sociology meets the majority of the above criteria. However, there are more reasons to select this as an optional subject. Sociology is popular as an extremely useful optional among the aspirants. A few reasons UPSC toppers choose Sociology as one of their best optional subjects are listed below: 

Why Choose Sociology as an Optional Subject?

  • No previous background or graduation in the same field is required.

Studying society deeply is sociology. Throughout our lives, we have been studying society unconsciously since our birth. However, the sociology study provides an understanding of the genesis, evolution, and reasons for the relevance of concepts like caste, religion, and family within society. If you happen to be living anywhere in India, several IAS institutes can help you out. VNK academy is one such institute that provides the best Sociology optional classes in Kerala

  • What are the possible scores?

Sociology offers the advantage of never scoring zero since it is a theoretical subject. If you do well in optional subjects, you will likely be on UPSC’s final list of civil service results. Many students who choose Sociologyget an average of 270 marks, even as high as 300-320.

  • Sociology optional help in multiple places in UPSC

Writing essays is easier with sociology, particularly the section on Indian society. A partial benefit is that it helps prepare the Ethics paper or GS paper 4. It also helps to understand the colonial structure of modern Indian history in GS Paper 1. In addition, it promotes overall personality development, which translates into better interview preparation.

  • Popular among UPSC aspirants 

IAS aspirants have enjoyed success with this subject over the years. You will always find at least one candidate with optional sociology among the top ten UPSC rankers. The performance of sociology as a UPSC optional subject has been consistent over the years. In contrast, the performance of other popular subjects like Public Administration and Geography varies from year to year. Since students from any background can opt for it, it has an advantage over other optional subjects.

  • Simple and limited syllabus

In essence, social science is about society. This subject examines how people play their roles the impact of their choices on society. Additionally, it helps students gain a deeper understanding of the various institutions of society and the impact of government decision-making on different communities. We experience such issues every day, so studying understanding them is easy. Anyone with no previous knowledge can study these issues. 

Another advantage is the shorter length of the Sociology syllabus. Some optional courses listed in the CSE syllabus have a long syllabus. The material in those optional subjects is exhaustive. The syllabus for Sociology is much simpler and can be completed in 3-4 months. It is a benefit because general studies papers require substantial time to study.

  • Availability of study material:

Many books, such as Haralambos, Ritzer, IGNOU study material, etc., are available for sociology optional. Numerous selected candidates have written single books about the sociology syllabus. These books will help you prepare.

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