Many aspirants are vying for the IAS in our country. Several aspiring sincere students from all over the country have been attracted to its prestige and perks. To start your preparation, make sure you set guidelines in advance. Searching for a best IAS coaching centre in Trivandrum, you have reached the right place.

Do you wish to find the best Kerala IAS academy?

Clearly, you are in the right place. VNK Academy is an excellent IAS coaching centre in Trivandrum. The vision of our organisation is to awaken students’ dormant talents and skills. Our mission is to accomplish our vision which is to bring out those hidden skills within students. VNK Academy, the leading IAS coaching centre in Trivandrum, believes that every person has a great fire within them and that the only effort required is to ‘give wings’ to that fire.  

Each candidate preparing for the examination has their own strategy and style for beating the mains. To qualify as a civil servant, you need the right mindset and plan. A top Kerala IAS academy, VNK Academy, understands this and provides individual mentoring to aspirants. Do you know how much Kerala civil service academy fees are? Or Do you know which port you need to pay the Kerala civil service academy fees? VNK Academy is the top-tier Kerala IAS academy that unfolds all your doubts with proper guidance. VNK Academy is not only the best IAS coaching centre in Trivandrum but also provides the best company secretary courses in Kerala and is one of the premier chartered accountant coaching centres in Kerala. In other words, with VNK Academy, the best IAS coaching centre in Trivandrum, you will never have to worry about any competitive exams. 

What are the common mistakes committed by aspirants during competitive exams!

As the best competitive coaching centre in Kerala, VNK Academy, helps all the aspirants to do their best. If a single mistake arises in our exam preparation, it leads aspirants to a crippling mindset, and all of their hard work goes to waste. Let’s examine a few common errors candidates make in exams.

#1. Insufficient practice 

Aspirants tend to neglect writing practice once they understand a concept and have a lot of syllabus to memorise. Avoiding this type of mistake is key to ensuring your success. Work on your subject until you have complete command over it. 

#2. Abandonment of Newspapers 

The newspapers are one of the best sources of information, as they contain about 60% of the significant subjects that would appear on an examination. If you are preparing for the UPSC, pay particular attention to the newspapers.

#3. Not referring to previous papers 

Aspirants make a common mistake by not looking at previous papers since they contain a lot of important information that can help them analyse the pattern of the questionnaires. VNK Academy, the best IAS coaching centre in Trivandrum, has a huge database of previous question papers, and we always have a separate section for working on previous questions.

#4. Not taking up mock tests 

Once you’ve prepared enough, you should put your preparation into practice by looking for different mock test platforms and practising testing to gauge how well you’ve done.

#5. Time management 

“ Time is what we want the most, but which we use the worst;” William Pen

A candidate can devote almost so many years in preparation for an exam of such prestige, but without effective time management, he can slip down the ladder at a rapid pace. Aspirants must focus on it while preparing for any competitive exams. 

When actions and decisions are successful, the goal is easier to achieve. VNK Academy, the finest Kerala IAS academy, is always the ultimate choice for your competitive exams. Whether you want the best company secretary courses in Kerala or one of the excellent chartered accountant coaching centres in Kerala, the answer is always VNK Academy. Choosing the best coaching institute is the best move for your bright future!