The relevance of reading the newspaper for success in the UPSC Civil Services Exam cannot be overstated. Newspapers, in addition to the conventional NCERT textbooks and reference books, provide essential study material for current affairs, a key component of the IAS test questions. The importance of newspapers in UPSC preparation cannot be overstated. Reading a newspaper and creating self-notes from it is always recommended by IAS Toppers and advisers because it can truly aid revision. The newspaper covers a wide range of current events that are both national and worldwide in scope. The newspaper editorials and backgrounders on various problems provide insight into relevant issues to the IAS exam in 2022. VNK Academy, best IAS academy in Kerala, states below one of the best ways to read the newspapers for UPSC preparation. 

Tips to Read The Newspaper While Preparing For UPSC

  • Candidates should set out a specified period in their daily schedule for this task. It takes about two to two and a half hours to read and complete a newspaper. Do not devote additional time to the newspaper because it will interfere with the preparation of other IAS components.
  • When you decide to read the newspaper, better to prioritize your purpose over your will, it is not uncommon to get distracted and start reading your favorite topic. Still, you need to be aware that it consumes your valuable time. Whenever you feel like giving in to your desire to read an unimportant issue, remember why you started reading the newspaper in the first place.  
  • Take notes when reading the newspaper. Your messages should be short and to the point. The letters can be broken down into objective and subjective information. The accurate data is provided by the Indian government and reputable research organizations. Candidates can use this information to back up their answers on the main exam. In most circumstances, you won’t need to go into great detail.
  • The editorials in the newspapers are produced by prominent figures and seasoned officials with extensive experience and knowledge of the subject. Candidates should read the newspaper editorial critically and not follow the writer’s political stance. Candidates should evaluate the information supplied objectively before forming an opinion. Make a note of positive and negative points while going through an editorial in the newspaper. Make sure to incorporate relevant information from other reliable resources. It is because editorials generally favour one or the other side of the aspect of the subject depending upon the editorial policy. While you read or extract information from other sources, include both sides’ viewpoints and then go for a balanced approach. 


The prelims, mains, and interview portions of the UPSC IAS exam will benefit from reading the newspaper. It is a great habit that can help you become a more well-informed, socially conscious, and compassionate person. Then it is observed that the candidate always wastes a significant amount of time reading the newspaper, depriving them of time to study other subjects. The newspaper is a vital element of the daily study routine, but it can take up to two hours and divert attention from other areas. The candidates can read any national daily, such as The Hindu, Indian Express, or Times of India. Therefore, to know more, visit VNK Academy, the best civil service academy in Palakkad.