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An optional subject for the Mains Examination is a strategic decision a candidate needs to make. Since the optional subject carries a high percentage of marks (nearly 30%) in the main examination, it plays a vital role in determining the candidate’s ranking. 

Sociology Optional online classes for civil service mains examination!

For several years now, Sociology has been one of the most popular electives among students, with almost 1600 students choosing the subject in the last five years or more. During the past few years, students with Sociology optional have placed in more than two of the top 10 and more than ten of the top 100 in the ranking list. 

Consider these  things before making a decision,

  • Ensure that you are familiar with the Sociology syllabus for the mains examination.
  • Review the past five years of question papers.

If the candidate has passed the above checks and is comfortable with the subject, they may choose Sociology. Want to learn more about Sociology optional online classes? You don’t need to look any further VNK Academy is the top UPSC coaching in Delhi

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Why Sociology?

  • Sociology examines various aspects of society
  • Indian society – its salient features and evolution
  • The syllabus overlaps well with GS’s

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Political Science and IR; A smart choice.

Civil Services Examination optional subjects such as Political Science and International Relations are in high demand. Numerous toppers have chosen politics as an optional over the years. Aspirants can score high marks in the optionals while also covering significant portions of the compulsory General Studies Papers. Interested in public administration optional classes for UPSC in Kerala?

VNK Academy offers best public administration optional classes for UPSC in Kerala. 

Why Political Science and International Relations?

  • The first paper examines Indian governance systems, political theory, thinking, and political activity.
  • The second paper deals with global politics, the theories of international relations, and India’s foreign relations.
  • There is significant overlap with paper ll of General Studies.

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