The weightage of the essay writing in Civil Services Mains Exams as per the new UPSC syllabus is 250 marks out of 2025 (12.3 percent). Candidates have been made to compose two essays out of 8 given options since 2015. Each essay holds 125 points, each within 1000-1200 words. Also, a total of 3 hours is allocated to finish the Civil Services Mains Exam.

To make sure you excel in essay writing, follow the tips listed below. 

 ●       Understand The Topic

Examiners will pay careful attention to the candidate’s comprehension of their subject, its relevance to the topic chosen, their ability to think constructively and to concisely, objectively, and effectively present their ideas. So make sure you understand the topic very well before brainstorming on your essay with ideas.

 ●       Think About The Topic

It would help if you did not start writing straight away once you’ve selected your subject. It is wise to think and gather your thoughts for some time. Note down the points you want to write using a pencil. Suppose you begin writing the essay, and realize only towards the end that in the historical part you have forgotten to mention a critical detail; because of a space shortage, it would be too late to add it. It also helps if, in the beginning, you create a rough list of your points.

 ●        Identify Weak Areas And Work On Them

A clear understanding of an exam’s syllabus and its pattern helps a student understand their weakness. Therefore, an aspirant needs to understand the subjects or topics they are weak in and emphasize working on these areas.

●        Create A Structure

You can begin writing the essay once you have the rough points in hand. You must stick to a good structure while writing. A strong essay is organized as follows:

  1. Introducing the topic
  2. Historical Inventory
  3. Principal problem/problem/subject
  4. Present scenario/current news concerning the topic
  5. Aspects that are positive and negative
  6. Barriers
  7. Reforms/Moving Forward

●       Build A Time Frame

It is important to acknowledge the fact of time limitation. 3 hours may sound like a lot before the exam, but during an examination time flows away like water, and the next thing you know you are falling short of time. So it is really important to build a time frame in such a manner so that upon completion of the essay you have ample amount of time to go through your essay again and make necessary changes.

●       Adhere To The Time Frame

Now that you have built up a time frame adhere to those timings. Try not to exceed the timings. However, completing before allocated time is not favorable either. Stick to the timings to ensure minimum errors and more time to go through your paper.

●       Practice

We all are well versed with the saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”. There are many benefits to practicing. For starters, it will increase your speed, which is an important factor when appearing for such competitive exams. As you write more, your hand and mind coordination will increase, ensuring fewer errors and an easy flow of ideas when writing.

Now that you know all the golden steps to good essay writing, there is still one thing missing that needs to be acknowledged. Do you know what it is? That’s guidance from a good teacher.

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