Cracking the civil service examinations of UPSC is not a piece of cake. The UPSC is believed to be one of the toughest exams in India.

The exam is divided into three steps. The first is the UPSC prelims, which are followed by the mains. Lastly comes the personality exam. This is an interview. Each of these exams is a clearance test that determines the examinee’s rank in the final list.

The Prelims

All the questions in this exam are made of objective types based on multiple options, from which one is the correct answer. Each correct answer is allotted one mark, and one-third mark is deducted for each wrong call. To clear this exam, the student must score an aggregate of thirty-three percent. Unlike the other two exams, this is just a clearance test and holds no weightage in the final list.

The Mains

The second phase to crack a UPSC entrance is the written test or the mains exam. The examinee needs to appear in nine different papers, including English, four general studies papers, and two optional papers. Based on the score of this test, a final ranking list is formed, which screens individuals for the personality round.

 Importance of Best Prelims and Mains Test Series in Kerala

  • The best prelims and mains test series in Kerala is a vital self-assessment tool for everyone who wants to pass the UPSC exam and enter the Civil Services. As a result, it is only prudent to recognize the significance of the UPSC examination series in good time.
  • But that’s not all. Another significant function of the UPSC test series is making the UPSC applicant aware of his or her inadequacies. It should never be forgotten that no applicant attempting to pass an exam can afford to ignore his flaws. And this is especially true for UPSC applicants.
  • Passing the UPSC exam on the very first attempt is not possible. The UPSC syllabus is reasonably extensive. Furthermore, in addition to passing the exam, the individual must compete well against all other candidates.

As a result, a UPSC applicant must not only give the test but also score highly. Only with a higher score than others would the candidate be authorized by UPSC. As per the rank list, after the mains and personality test, you shall be eligible in different segments of the UPSC.

  • The UPSC exam test series evaluation provides you with a fair amount of competition. Since the UPSC exam covers a vast syllabus, you’ll have to focus more. You would surely like to concentrate more on the themes and subjects you are weak in.
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