The first stage of clearing the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination is the UPSC Prelims stage. UPSC is one of the most prestigious and respected exams in India. Each year, lakhs of students and droppers appear for this examination in the hope of securing a seat in it. The candidates prepare for years before attempting UPSC. Many factors govern the preparation for UPSC, and one of the main factors is to attempt UPSC prelims mock test.

Many eligible candidates and applicants do not give much importance to mock tests and do not solve them. Candidates have a mindset that by just solving the previous years’ question papers and learning the syllabus, they can clear the preliminary stage of UPSC. But this is not true.

Importance and Advantages of attempting UPSC Prelims Mock tests

Of course, previous years’ question papers enhance the preparation of candidates, but attempting the mock tests is equally necessary. There are many advantages of mock tests that candidates ignore. Giving mock tests can provide the candidates with extra benefits that are not possible through any other source.

  • Mock tests provide you with instant answers and solutions to the questions asked

Online mock tests give the correct answers and solutions to the candidates instantly. They do not have to wait for minutes or hours to check their results; they can know their right and wrong answers on the spot. So, the candidates can start working on their strengths and weaknesses without wasting any time.

  • Candidates can attempt mock tests online anywhere and any time

Some of the candidates appearing in the UPSC prelims are college students pursuing their graduation or post-graduation degrees. It is not possible for students to have free time or be available for sudden mock tests. In such cases, online mock tests ensure that the students choose a time according to their convenience and attempt the mock test as and when they prefer to.

  • Candidates can save the mock tests in virtual form for future use

Candidates can misplace the hard copies of their mock question papers, but while attempting mock tests online, this is not an issue. Candidates can access the virtual form of their mock tests at any given time in case they want to check or ask any question. Saving mock tests in virtual form also keeps them safe from any physical damage.

  • The accuracy of the results of mock tests is incomparable

Mock tests are according to the latest and updated syllabus of UPSC Prelims. If there is any change in the syllabus, the previous years’ question papers are not of much help as they do not cover the added syllabus. But mock tests follow the latest pattern, so the candidates can stay updated with the changes in the exam pattern and syllabus.

Clearly, attempting UPSC Prelims mock tests has many positive points. Not only do candidates understand the latest exam pattern and syllabus, but they also get the results instantly without any wastage of time. They also get the right to choose when and where they wish to give the mock test online.

Choose VNK IAS Academy for UPSC Prelims Mock Tests!

Mock tests have many advantages, but it is equally important to choose the correct academy or organization. The organization you sign up with for attempting UPSC Prelims mock tests should have proper experience with successful students. Also, the mock tests that the institute provides to its students should enhance their preparations instead of wasting their time.