An ambition without proper planning and preparation remains a dream. This is most applicable in the case of the Civil services Examination as it is one of the toughest exams in the country, and requires more than normal preparation. It requires a proper strategy that needs to be followed while preparing for the exam.

UPSC Civil Services Exam includes three stages, which are:

1.       Preliminary exam (Objective test)

2.       Main exam (Written test)

3.       Interview (Personality test)

Every year, millions of aspirants attempt the exam, but only a few candidates get through. So if you need assistance in preparing, you can select and join the best civil services coaching centre in Kerala.

Are you confused about how to start your preparation for the IAS exam? Do not worry, here are some points to help you get started with your exam preparation.

 ●        Strategy is important

Before you start preparing, build a strategy for yourself, keeping in mind every step that you need to go through. A proper strategy includes the things you are going to do, how you are going to do them, and the resources you need. 

 ●        Understand the syllabus

You must have a clear understanding of the clarity, nature, and scope of the syllabus. It gives you an idea about the topics to be covered and what topics need the full focus. Studying out of the syllabus is a waste of time as the questions come within the syllabus.

 ●        Choosing your study material

You should choose the study materials carefully with proper guidance. It is always a good idea to start your preparation after getting the right study materials. NCERT books (from class VI to class XII) are recommended when starting to study as they give you clarity on your fundamentals and give a good hold on various subjects.

●        Focus on important concepts

Studying smart is the best and efficient way of studying. Understand the nature of the exams and adjust to them accordingly. Focusing on the essential concepts is the key to studying smart and saving your time.

●        Current affairs

Stay updated with what is happening around the world. Contemporary issues and current affairs are dynamic areas. Read one national newspaper every day and keep listing the developments.

●        Study the pattern

The best way is to go through the previous years’ question papers. It gives you an idea about the type of questions asked and helps identify the best source of reading material. Analysing the previous years’ papers will give you a better understanding of the syllabus and the types of questions. You can also appear for the best online test series for UPSC prelims to gain a better advantage.  VNK ACADEMY PROVIDES ONLINE TEST SERIES

●        Focus on keywords

Make short notes after reading a topic, as they will help you during exam days. Keep an eye on the keywords during preparation and while writing the exam. You will find question tags for every question such as “discuss,” “elaborate,” “critically,” “analyse,” “comment,” and so on. 

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