Around 5-6 lakh aspirants appear for the IAS examination every year while the number of vacancies is less than 1000. The nature of the UPSC Civil Services Examination demands sustained, thorough preparation as the UPSC syllabus is enormous. Best IAS academy in Kerala brings together all the facilities and resources that an aspirant needs to clear the exam. Given rigorous requirements and high competition for UPSC preparation, UPSC online or classroom coaching for the IAS exam becomes necessary for many aspirants. So, you need to choose the best IAS academy.  

How can an IAS academy help you clear the IAS exam? 

The IAS exam is considered to be one of the most challenging exams in the world. But it is not impossible to ace the exam. Candidates who opt for the best IAS academy as a source of UPSC preparation will have the following benefits:

  • The best IAS academy will have a mentor who is an excellent guide for UPSC coaching. 
  • If candidates are ever in doubt related to any subject, there is always 24×7 support from the faculties.
  • The best IAS academy conducts regular classes, mock tests, counseling, general affairs discussion, and much more to help you assess your performance at regular intervals.
  • They provide standard preparation assistance with the best study materials and help you build your strategy.
  • You experience an exam-like environment while attempting tests, which helps you learn to take tests and score well. 

See what Anudeep Durishetty, who obtained UPSC AIR 1 in 2017, says about his association with coaching institutes here

How to choose the best IAS academy in Kerala? 

There are many IAS coaching institutes out there that offer online coaching for UPSC exams. But to clear an exam like the IAS exam, you must be very precise while choosing the best IAS academy. Here are some things to look at before selecting the best IAS academy in Kerala:

  • Quality of faculty: Quality of the lecturers is crucial for UPSC coaching as unclear instructions or incorrect concepts can waste your time and reduce the chances of success in the examination.
  • Quality of the study materials: Ask for the samples from the coaching center, if available, or service to check the quality. 
  • Success rate: A high success rate is an honest indicator of teaching at thebest IAS academy. 
  • Availability of support: A professional support team would ensure that aspirants can bring their queries to one place. So, you can avoid wasting your time searching for the correct department to take your questions to. 
  • Batch strength: Batch strength is also an essential point to look at while choosing the best IAS academy. If the batch strength is more, then the individual attention by the faculty on you is less. They won’t be able to clear your doubts and give personal advice individually. 

Why is the VNK academy the best? 

VNK academy, the best IAS academy in Palakkad, is your ideal partner for competitive exams. They are well-equipped with an elaborate library, modern learning aids, experienced faculty, and air-conditioned classrooms. Learning is made easy with their structured curriculum and simplified methodology. Thus they stand as the best IAS academy in Kerala.