Serving your country is an honour. There are several ways in which you can contribute your services to India. The job of a government officer might seem like a trivial one, but they are the basic structure of our whole system. It is not simple to clear government exams and acquire a good position, and for this, you might need to enroll in a reputed IAS coaching centre in Trivandrum.

Indian Administrative Service is one of the most known positions in the government because of the importance of the post and the power of an IAS officer.

The Upsides of Being an IAS Officer

Several perks come along with the responsibilities when it comes to the position of an IAS officer. Let’s take a look at the benefits that IAS officers enjoy.

  • Service: An IAS officer holds a very crucial position in the government. They will be able to frame new policies; they are a part of the government and involved in the decision-making process.
  • Salary: The pay scale ranges from 50,000 – 1,50,000 based on the position that the officer serves.
  • Security: An IAS officer is only liable to the President of India, as these officers are the representatives of the President themselves. Firing an IAS officer from their position entails a rigorous procedure, so their post is very secure.
  • Facilities: From residence to transport, maids to guards, being a Civil Servant comes with numerous conveniences. The expenses are covered by the government.
  • Others: As shocking it is, an IAS officer can indeed delay a plane. A few other perks include the post-retirement and pension facilities.

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Responsibilities of an IAS Officer

Along with the comforts comes the responsibilities too. Given below are some of the crucial functions of an IAS officer.

  • To maintain law and order.
  • To handle the administration and the proceedings of a government.
  • To incorporate the policies of the union and the state government at the root levels.
  • To act as a medium between the government and the public.
  • To formulate and implement policies with the approval of the particular department.
  • To take many important decisions on policies by discussing them with higher authorities.

Why Attend the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Trivandrum?

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  • Amenities

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  • Simplified curriculum

For any civil service aspirant, determination and planning are necessary. Our academy has fashioned a structured curriculum that helps the aspirants to grasp the contents quickly. We assist our students in crafting a proper strategy to tackle the UPSC examinations.

  • Study material

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