Public administration is considered the most popular optional subject that a candidate can opt for in the UPSC civil services exam. In the year 2012, it was seen that at least 50% of the successful candidates had opted for Public Administration as their optional subject. But, more importantly, many students feel that taking Public Ad as an optional subject may help them secure a higher rank. Even let them clear the civil services exams, but this might not turn true for those students who may not be on the right way of preparing it. Thus, passing the UPSC examination tends to be difficult, but if you are equipped with the right approach and have clarity in the topics you study, no difficulty can separate you from your dreams. 

How to Prepare for Public Administration Optional Subject for UPSC IAS Main Exam? 

The Best Public Administration Optional Classes for UPSC in Kerala suggests several ways to prepare for the UPSC examination with Public Ad as the subject.

1.     Be Clear with Basic Concepts

Although the subject of the public ad needs more analysis and dedicated efforts, this is why aspirants must be thorough with basic concepts, theories, and principles. Take a note; one may not get a good score in the Public Administration subject if the basics are not cleared.

2.     Prepare Short Notes

Being an aspirant, you must make notes on essential topics that carry high chances of coming into the examination. Apart from that, you are also needed to club the issues together, and it should be according to chapters inscribed in civil services and personnel management. But, most importantly, all the cases are interlinked in one way or another, and they can give you the most comprehensive idea about the issues.

3.     Study Optional Regularly

Since it is one of the essential subjects, thus one needs to study regularly and that too along with General Studies. Therefore, you should give at least two-three hours before beginning with any other subject.

4.     Remember the Quotes from Thinkers

One of the most important things that will help you go long in this race is that if you remember the quotes from great thinkers and personalities, your mind will be free from stress. Moreover, those quotes are essential to score high in the UPSC examination.

5.     Ideate Short and Effective Answers

Besides giving test series, it would be highly beneficial to comprehend the crux of topics to write proper and practical answers. Therefore, even the test series of Public Administration will help you gain knowledge and widen the analysing skill set. But, more importantly, it will help you get a good rank in the UPSC IAS Mains examination.

6.     Go Through Previous Year Examination

Avoid searching for more information from the internet and instead of reading more out of the syllabus, take a look at previous year’s questions to know the exact structure of the data. Moreover, one needs to read the question and even try different ways of framing the answers. Finally, do jot down the answers to make a deep analysis of how this year’s paper might come. 


Always have an approach that speaks of righteous methods because if your mentioned answers are in the correct format, then there are chances that you might fetch good marks too, and your dream of turning into an IAS officer may come true.  Searching for the Best Public Administration Optional Classes for UPSC in Kerala? Look no beyond VNK Academy. The expert and experienced staff at the academy has trained thousands of aspirants over the years. Starting from excellent study material to remarkable teaching techniques, the academy is the best in every prospect.