The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the highest administrative, civil service of the Government of India. On average, approximately 900,000 to 1,000,000 candidates apply for the IAS exam every year.

Known for its high literacy rate, Kerala has churned out close to 30,000 applicants for the IAS exam each year. Standing out from this crowd may seem tough, but with proper coaching from an esteemed IAS academy, you can achieve a high score and maybe even get to the top!

Here are some of the things you should check for before choosing the right civil services coaching centre.

  • Guidance

Any candidate who wants to take the IAS exam is swamped with questions as they choose their subjects and face the stress of appearing for the exam. A counsellor can provide the necessary advice and support by answering questions and resolving any confusion related to the exam.

If you enrol with the best civil service coaching centre in Kerala, you receive guidance about which subjects to pick and how to plan your learning. A good counsellor also provides feedback and training to help you crack the interview and complete the journey with ease.

  • Professional team

The ideal IAS coaching team consists of professors and faculty members who have many years of experience teaching IAS students. They are known for their effective teaching methods with proven top results.

Students at the best civil service academy in Kerala also receive guest lectures from retired IAS and IPS officers who can share their rich experiences collected over the years. Asking these former officers and industry experts pertinent questions helps students clarify their doubts and step confidently into the exam and interview process.

  • Study material

Preparing for any exam requires good study materials. But preparing for an exam as competitive as the IAS requires the best study material in town. The best civil service coaching centre would provide excellent study materials for CSE, KAS, CA, CS, and CMA. Once enrolled, you also have access to a well-furnished library with a variety of reference books.

  • Facilities

Considering that you will be spending plenty of time studying for your IAS exam, it is extremely important to check the facilities at the centre. The best IAS academy in Kerala would be well equipped with smart classrooms conducive to interactive learning.

Studying in a rich academic environment helps achieve better focus while learning.

A professional academy can help you learn smartly and comfortably for the big exam with turnkey infrastructure, modern facilities, and rich learning materials.

  • Spoken English Classes

At the last stage of the examination process, every candidate must submit to a personal interview. This interview is usually conducted in English, making it important for every candidate to have great communication skills.

A top civil service coaching academy prepares all IAS aspirants to achieve their dreams. You get overall guidance on the exam pattern, syllabus and how to prepare for it. Also, you can improve your writing skills for the exam and your spoken English accent for the interview. Once proficient in your written and verbal communication skills, you can attempt both the exam and the interview with full confidence.

If you want to check all these criteria off your list, then the VNK Academy at Palakkad, Kerala, is your best bet. VNK has the best civil service coaching centre in Kerala with a great faculty, experienced counsellors, rich study materials, and modern facilities—everything you need to top the IAS charts. With VNK Academy on your side, you can prepare thoroughly for the IAS exam and soar to new heights of success in life.