IAS is one of India’s most difficult exams. It’s also known as “Mother of All Exams.” The fact that there are three stages of tests (prelims, mains, and personal interviews) makes it even more difficult. But with an IAS coaching centre in Kerala, students can accomplish their dreams under expert guidance. This job is regarded with the highest esteem in society.

It’s difficult to resist the allure of becoming an IAS officer because the rewards are so high. It provides you with not only employment security but also a well-respected position in the community.

The Civil Service Exam does not expect you to be perfect. It necessitates creativity and innovation in the candidates, who find it difficult to pass the exam if they do not effectively use their information.

What is the Average Pay of an IAS Officer?

If you train under one of the top 10 IAS coaching institutes in Kerala, there is no doubt this could be your salary when you clear all rounds. Along with a well-paying job, the government also provides candidates with several allowances.

  • IAS salary after 7th Pay Commission

The cabinet adopted the 7th salary recommendation on June 29, 2016.

As a result, the previous pay grade structure has been phased out in favour of a new unified pay system.

  1. A Junior-Level IAS officer’s average pay is INR 56,100.
  2. There will be benefits such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Travel Allowance (TA).
  3. Every year, the compensation is subject to increase.
  4. At the Cabinet Secretary level, an IAS Officer can receive a maximum salary of INR 2,50,000.

Depending on your years of experience and good training under the best IAS coaching centre in Kerala, an IAS officers’ pay increases.

  • Endurance salary of an IAS officer
Pay LevelBasic PayService Years
10Rs. 56,1001-4
11Rs. 67,7005-8
12Rs. 78,8009-12
13Rs. 1,18,50013-16
14Rs. 1,44,20016-24
15Rs. 1,82,20025-30
16Rs. 2,05,40030-33
17Rs. 2,25,50034-36
18Rs. 2,50,00037+ years

How to Crack the IAS Exam with Strategic Preparation

Before you enjoy the IAS pay and allowances, it is important to prepare smartly and not frustrate yourself in this process. The most common reason for anxiety among IAS aspirants is their fear of failure.

Candidates train to succeed under the guidance of an IAS coaching centre in Kerala like VNK IAS Academy. A top academy understands that not every student has to study 10+ hours a day to crack this paper.

  • Here are some of the techniques top IAS academicians use:
  1. Understand the entire syllabus

The initial step is going through the UPSC syllabus and understanding the types of questions. UPSC will also ask new, innovative questions, so be thorough with the current affairs.

  • Prepare for optional paper

During mains, candidates must choose an optional paper. However, most tend to neglect its preparation. The best IAS academy in Kerala will assist you in preparing for this equally important paper.

  • Frame your answers well

Do not go over the word limit even if you know more about the question, or else you won’t finish the paper in time. Do not mention specific names or criticize too much.

  • Selective study

The UPSC syllabus is like an ocean and does not have a stop. Candidates cannot possibly study the entire syllabus within the given timeframe. Here’s where the best IAS coaching centre in Kerala can help you decide what is important.