When it comes to filling out the DAF or the detailed application form for UPSC Mains, one has to ensure that the best possible attention is given to the same. Being the best IAS academy in Kerala, we have tried to help our students throughout and put up a comprehensive view as to what should be done and how more detailed attention has to be given while filling the DAF. One has to remember that in case you make an error in filling out the application form, it can in most cases, lead to the ultimate rejection of your application form. To avoid any kind of hassles, it is best to have a guide of dos and don’ts while filling out the DAF and be extra careful as well.

Understanding The Meaning Of DAF:

Before we plunge into understanding the guidelines to fill out the DAF, it is very important that we first talk about what DAF actually is. The DAF for UPSC Mains can be referred to as the Detailed Application Form, and it most certainly stands true to the name. This form has to be filled in by those who successfully completed the UPSC prelims, and this one is usually quite extended and requires a lot of details to be incorporated. The form is usually filled out online, and one has to pay a total of Rs. 200 as a fee. However, there are certain exceptions for female as well as SC and ST candidates.

Things To Remember:

Most best IAS academy in Palakkad or even in other parts of the country will make you well aware of the requirements when it comes to filling out the DAF. Some of the most crucial requirements are:

● The entire process has to be initiated as well as completed online. There is also a need of uploading all the relevant documents by scanning them properly along with the submission of the Detailed Application Form.

● Previously, there was a rule that a printout of the application had to be sent to the UPSC Commission. However, this rule was revamped in the year 2016, and since then there is no need of sending in physical copies anymore.

● In case, any error happens during filling out the detailed application form, immediate action has to be taken. All you can do is mention the errors done and send it for immediate redressal via email. If you do not give immediate attention, it might result in the permanent cancellation of your UPSC Mains application.

● Lastly, careful attention has to be given when you scan the documents for uploading. Try to ensure that the scanning is not done with the help of a mobile phone and all the documents are converted to PDF format before uploading. Also, there should not be any kind of password protection in the pdf file so that one can access the documents easily. One also has to remember that the file size should not exceed a total of 3 MB under all circumstances.


These are the guidelines that definitely need to be followed when it comes to filling out the detailed application form. In case of more assistance, it is always best that you get in touch with reputed professionals like VNK Academy. Being one of the top civil service coaching centres in kerala they have been behind the success stories of quite a few students. All you would need to do is contact them and the rest will be taken care of by them for swift resolution of your issues.