Once you have cleared the UPSC mains it is now time for the second round, which is the personality test or interview round. Unlike the written round, where your theoretical knowledge is put to test, the interview round looks at your personality and your holistic knowledge of the country as well as current affairs. Along with that, your presence of mind, the ability to present yourself, is also put to test. ‘

Now a potent best civil service academy in kerala or even in other parts of the country will teach you the basics, however, presenting yourself confidently is completely a subjective arena. Certain documents are essential to carry during the round, and in case you miss any, there is a high chance that you might be disqualified.

The Essential Documents Which Are A Strict Must To Be Carried?

Before you start preparing for the interview round, make sure to check your documents and then move forth. Some of the most essential documents, which have to be presented under every circumstance, have been mentioned below. As aspirants, what you can do is check the official UPSC website and then cross-check whether or not you have got all covered.

● The certificate of matriculation or similar genres can be used as authentic proof of your name and the date of birth.

● A copy of the same certificate has to be self-attested to verify the details.

● Your certificate for the degrees, which have been mentioned during application. In case, you see that the original certificates or the degree have not yet been issued by the University, it is best to go for the provisional ones as these also provide quite a bit of credibility.

● The self-attested copies of your degree certificate.

● Recent passport-sized photographs as well as the photocopy of your letter which has been sent to you, authorizing you to appear for the interview session.

● In addition to the educational and birth proof, there are a few documents that are important for your verification. These include the caste-based certificates (if any), along with a physical disability certificate if you fall under the category.

● The original post-graduation degree certificates along with a receipt of your travel, in case you are someone who is specifically travelling for the interview round. You have to remember that these are not mandatory, however, it is best to keep a copy of each for easy assistance.

Are Any Documents Needed For Medical Examination?

Irrespective of which top IAS coaching is in Mumbai or elsewhere in the country you sign up for, all will tell you that there is a mandatory medical examination round. For this round as well, you have to carry a few extremely important documents. These include around 10 of your recent passport-sized photographs. It is best that along with this, you keep a few attested photocopies handy. Also, you must keep all your recent restrictions as well as documents of your medications ready. It will ace up the medical examination process and ensure that you do not lag for days.

Whom to Trust With The Preparation of Your Interview Round?

Once you have got hold of the documents, you must focus on this round and opt-in for someone who can help you develop the soft skills. VNK Academy is known to be one of the best IAS coaching in Mumbai and is the reason behind several success stories. You can easily rely on their coaching classes not only on the educational ground, but they will also list all the important documents that you might need to carry.