The Indian Administrative Services are a big dream career for many Indians. Like any other competitive examination, the IAS examination requires a lot of dedication and thorough preparation. Millions of students appear for the same. Thus one needs to be totally focused and completely committed to their studies. Learning from the best IAS coaching centers in Delhi can help you prepare.

The 2020 UPSC IAS exam had more than 10,40, 000 aspirants, out of which only 761 qualified for the same. Thus learning from the best coaching institute can help you with your preparation.

Few tips that could come in handy while you prepare to get your dream career!

Having a well planned day can set all things right for you! Of course, it’s not possible to study 24×7 with no breaks. However, one needs to set their priorities right. You can use the following tips and strategies while you are preparing for the examination:

Follow a schedule and be disciplined

The time you require to prepare for the exam may vary from person to person. While some take an entire year to prepare, there would be some who may have finished their preparation within a period of six months. Hence, one needs to bring discipline in themselves.

Keep a timetable in place. This will help you improve your dedication to your studies without wasting too much of your time.

●    Set realistic goals for yourself

Keep your goals easy. Do not put pressure on yourself. Some topics may be very easy, and some may be way beyond your understanding. Sometimes reading a topic again and again won’t help you. It could make you panic. Hence be calm.

Try changing your method of studying. You can watch video lectures of similar content instead of rereading it without being able to grasp it. You can even get access to online books or libraries.

●    A break is required

Do not be hard on yourself. Take a break. Studying at a stretch of ten hours is a complete no! Your brain needs rest. Research studies indicate that studying without a break could make one less productive and more inefficient.

Thus your mind and body need to relax to perform better. Breaks and breathers are needed to help you improve your overall performance and cognition.

●    Sleep is very important

Are you among those who burn the midnight oil and overexert yourself? This is not required. Sleep is very important to all living creatures. Even though the exam you wish to appear for is very important, this in no way should imply that you spoil your overall physical as well as mental health. In fact, sleeping less during examinations could prevent you from performing well due lack of rest and leisure. This can also lead to reduced concentration levels.

●    Stay away from sources of distraction

Keep away from tasks and activities that keep you distracted from your studies. This could even mean giving up on your picnics and outings. Avoid stressful events which prevent you from concentrating on your preparation. Sometimes giving up on your favourite Television Sitcom or soap opera could help you achieve more!

Achieve your success and crack the exam

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