Clearing IAS is tough for students, and even tougher is to prepare students for IAS exams. Only less than 1% of students clear the IAS exams each year. So it is a big responsibility for the institutions to take the burden of preparing students. Across the country, including in places like Palakkad in Kerala, students take this test. Kerala is already famous for having the highest literacy rate in India; therefore, the quality of the studies is not an issue. However, to become the best IAS academy in Palakkad, there are some desirable qualities that an IAS academy must possess. Look at some of these desirable qualities for any IAS coaching centre in-depth. 

Essential Things to Look for in An IAS Coaching Centre 

Good mix of Experienced and Young Teachers

Significantly, the institute must have a good mix of experienced and young teachers. Experienced teachers have the knowledge they can share with their students, while a young teacher brings enthusiasm, knowledge of new-age technologies, and modern knowledge to the classroom. The combination of experienced and youthful teachers can become a boon for the students who take the classes.

Latest and in-depth syllabus

The major issue with IAS preparation is the vastness of the syllabus. Students often get confused about the topics of the syllabus, which is vast and gets changed from time to time as per the policies of UPSC. Here, every civil service academy Palakkad must make the students comfortable and prepare the syllabus after conducting in-depth research. Well, the prepared syllabus is like half the job done when it comes to IAS preparation.

Good infrastructure:

The world has been changing at a rapid pace, and IT infrastructure is one of the things that is paramount. Any IAS coaching centre to become the best civil service coaching centre in Kerala must provide an excellent infrastructure to its students. A high-quality infrastructure means the presence of a projector, ventilated large rooms, clean and hygienic rooms, fast internet, furniture, and other required components of the infrastructure.


There’s no denying that preparation for the IAS examination is a hard task. Therefore not only students are under pressure but teachers as well. In many ways, quality education and fees complement each other. The academy requires system financing to have good facilities, such as air-conditioned rooms, good furniture, and clean drinking water. Experienced teachers demand good salaries. Getting professional coaching for IAS preparation can be costly for students, however, the institution must have the moral obligation to keep the fees low.


Working professionals, college students, and even businessmen prepare for the IAS exam. There is the possibility that these aspirants may need lectures to be held at a flexible time. Recorded lectures may also be necessary in this case. And above that, they may need personalized help as well. A good IAS academy takes care of these requirements and offers flexibility regarding lecture timing and policies to aid students.

Previous Years Results

Everyone knows ‘Action speak louder than words, thus before enrolling in any IAS coaching centre in Trivandrum, make sure to take a look at past years’ results. Browse through the official website of the coaching centre to know the number of students who have cracked the exams and the ranks secured by them. 

Why Choose VNK Academy Palakkad?

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