Are you someone who aspires for a future as an IAS but contemplating the pathway to achieve the same? VNK IAS Academy would be more than elated to help you prepare and achieve the very best in this field. We are proud to say that our batch of the year 2020 made us uber proud and a total of 58 students made their dreams come true and got selected in the genre! The sheer number of upsc 2020 achievers from our academy make us feel confident that this year the number will rise more and you can be a part of that!

What Makes VNK Academy The Best Option To Rely On?

Preparing for the UPSC exam is not easy, however having said that, it is true that it is not impossible either. At least that is what Jagriti Awasthi, one of our best students who secured the 2nd rank in the 2020 exams had to retaliate. You might think that preparing alone might be sufficient and we too agree with you, giving yourself the time to study and prepare is very important. But it is equally essential to get professional guidance and that is what VNK Academy promises to provide you with. With the best study aid as well as faculty, training with us would be a cakewalk for you.

  • Faculty:

One of the major reasons why VNK Academy has received so much accreditations today is because of our learned faculty and panelists. They are precisely the reason why our students feel so confident when they go into the examination hall and even during the interview hour. Our mock interview rounds ensure that no stones are inturned to prepare you with nothing but only the very best. Theoretical knowledge is no doubt very important and constitutes a major requirement to pass the exam. However, it is also very crucial to ace the interview round as that is what sets up a subjective purview.

  • Course Options:

We have four options for our aspirants to choose from depending on their requirements. They comprise of:

  1. Scholarship Programme: Apply for the scholarship exam and you could get the best guidance and that too with a scholarship for your IAS exma prepration.
  2. VNK Yodha 2021: Participate in the VNK Yodha 2021 series and get selcted for our next civil servant hunt!
  3. VNK Free Classes: Fill out the form and get the best assistance that too for free on Saturdays if you are a graduate or postgraduate!
  4. VNK Free Mains Programme: VNK Academy also offers free mains programme for the best understanding of aspirants!
  • Best Study Materials:

Instead of going for rigorous studies it is very important that you pick up smart study. This allows you to channelize the requirements and prepare in a much more comprehensive way. At VNK Academy this aspect is given special attention to and hence you can easily expect the best of study materials which are easy to follow as well as appropriate and to the point.

If you too want to be a part of our glorious family and known as a VNK Yoddha 2021, get associated with us today! Preparing for IAS requires that extra bit of effort and we will help you channelize that in a much more convenient way!